libnutclient_devices, nutclient_get_devices, nutclient_has_device, nutclient_get_device_description - Device related functions in Network UPS Tools high-level client access library


#include <nutclient.h>
typedef void* NUTCLIENT_t;
typedef char** strarr;
strarr nutclient_get_devices(NUTCLIENT_t client);
int nutclient_has_device(NUTCLIENT_t client, const char* dev);
char* nutclient_get_device_description(NUTCLIENT_t client, const char* dev);


These functions allow to manage devices.

  • The nutclient_get_devices() function retrieves the list of devices monitored by a client.

    The returned strarr must be freed by strarr_free.

  • The nutclient_has_device() function tests if a device is monitored by a client.

  • The nutclient_get_device_description() function retrieves the device description.

    The returned description string must be freed.

Common arguments:

  • dev is the device name.