E.3. Data dumps for the DDL

Note: both developers contributing a driver and users using an existing driver for device not previously documented as supported by it, are welcome to report new data for the Devices Dumps Library (DDL) mentioned above. Best of all such "data dump" reports can be prepared by the ./tools/nut-ddl-dump.sh script from the main NUT codebase, and reported on the NUT mailing list or via NUT issues on GitHub or as a pull request against the NUT Devices Dumps Library following the naming and other rules described in the DDL documentation page.

Data dumps collected by the tools above, or by upsc client, or by drivers in exploratory data-dumping mode (with -d 1 argument), can be compared by ./tools/nut-dumpdiff.sh script from the main NUT codebase, which strips away lines with only numeric values (aiming to minimize the risk of losing meaningful changes like counters).