J.8. The change of leadership

February 2005: NUT 2.0.1

The year 2004 was marked by a release slowdown, since Russell was busy with personal subjects. But the patches queue was still growing quickly.

At that time, the development process was still centralized. There was no revision control system (like the current Subversion repository), nor trackers to interact with NUT development. Russell was receiving all the patches and requests, and doing all the work on his own, including releases.

Russell was more and more thinking about giving the project leadership to Arnaud Quette, which finally happened with the 2.0.1 release in February 2005.

This marked a new era for NUT…

First, Arnaud aimed at opening up the development by creating a project on the Debian Alioth Forge. This allowed to build the team of hackers that Russell dreamed about. It also allows to ensure NUT’s continuation, whatever happens to the leader. And that would most of all boost the projects contributions.