H.2. Optional features

--with-cgi (default: no)

Build and install the optional CGI programs, HTML files, and sample CGI configuration files. This is not enabled by default, as they are only useful on web servers. See data/html/README for additional information on how to set up CGI programs.

--with-doc=<output-format(s)>  (default: no)

Build and install NUT documentation file(s). The possible values are "html-single" for single page HTML, "html-chunked" for multi pages HTML, "pdf" for a PDF file or "auto" to build all the possible previous documentation formats. Verbose output can be enabled using: ASCIIDOC_VERBOSE=-v make

This feature requires AsciiDoc 8.6.3 (http://www.methods.co.nz/asciidoc).

--with-dev (default: no)

Build and install the upsclient and nutclient library and header files.

--with-all (no default)

Build and install all of the above (the serial, USB, SNMP, XML/HTTP and PowerMan drivers, the CGI programs and HTML files, and the upsclient library).

--with-ssl (default: auto-detect)
--with-nss (default: auto-detect)
--with-openssl (default: auto-detect)

Enable SSL support, using either Mozilla NSS or OpenSSL. If both are present, and nothing was specified, OpenSSL support will be preferred. Read docs/security.txt for instructions on SSL support.

--with-wrap (default: auto-detect)

Enable libwrap (tcp-wrappers) support. Refer to upsd man page for more information.

--with-ipv6 (default: auto-detect)

Enable IPv6 support.

--with-avahi (default: auto-detect)

Build and install Avahi support, to publish NUT server availability using mDNS protocol. This requires Avahi development files for the Core and Client parts.

--with-libltdl (default: auto-detect)

Enable libltdl (Libtool dlopen abstraction) support. This is required to build nut-scanner.