B.2. Supporting manufacturers

UPS manufacturers

  • Eaton, has been the main NUT supporter in the past, between 2007 and 2011, continuing MGE UPS SYSTEMS efforts. As such, Eaton has been:

    • providing extensive technical documents (Eaton protocols library),
    • providing units to developers of NUT and related projects,
    • hosting the networkupstools.org webserver (from 2007 to August 2012),
    • providing artwork,
    • promoting NUT in general,
    • supporting its customers using NUT.


      The situation has evolved, and since 2011 Eaton does not support NUT anymore.

      This may still evolve in the future.

      But for now, please do not consider anymore that buying Eaton products will provide you with official support from Eaton, or a better level of device support in NUT.

  • AMETEK Powervar, through Andrew McCartney, has added support for all AMETEK Powervar UPM models as usb-hid UPS.
  • Gamatronic, through Nadav Moskovitch, has revived the sec driver (as gamatronic), and expanded a bit genericups for its UPSs with alarm interface.
  • EVER Power Systems added a USB HID subdriver for EVER UPSes (Sinline RT Series, Sinline RT XL Series, ECO PRO AVR CDS Series).
  • Microdowell, through Elio Corbolante, has created the microdowell driver to support the Enterprise Nxx/Bxx serial devices. The company also proposes NUT as an alternative to its software for Linux / Unix.
  • Powercom, through Alexey Morozov, has provided extensive information on its USB/HID devices, along with development units.
  • Riello UPS, through Massimo Zampieri, has provided all protocols information. Elio Parisi has also created riello_ser and riello_usb to support these protocols.
  • Tripp Lite, through Eric Cobb, has provided test results from connecting their HID-compliant UPS hardware to NUT. Some of this information has been incorporated into the NUT hardware compatibility list, and the rest of the information is available via the list archives.
  • NAG, through Alexey Kazancev and Igor Ryabov, has added support for SNR-UPS-LID-XXXX models as usb-hid UPS.
  • Ablere Electronics Co., Ltd. contributed the ablerex subdriver for blazer_usb, handling Ablerex MP, ARES Plus, MSII MSIII, GRs and GRs Plus models.

Appliances manufacturers

  • OpenGear has worked with NUT’s leader to successfully develop and integrate PDU support. Opengear, through Scott Burns, and Robert Waldie, has submitted several patches.