B.1. The NUT Team

Active members

  • Jim Klimov: project leader (since 2020), OpenIndiana and OmniOS packager, CI dev/ops and infra
  • Arnaud Quette: ex-project leader (from 2005 to 2020), Debian packager and jack of all trades
  • Charles Lepple: senior lieutenant
  • Daniele Pezzini: senior developer
  • Kjell Claesson: senior developer
  • Alexander Gordeev: junior developer
  • Michal Soltys: junior developer
  • David Goncalves: Python developer
  • Jean Perriault: web consultant
  • Eric S. Raymond: Documentation consultant
  • Roger Price: Documentation specialist
  • Oden Eriksson: Mandriva packager
  • Stanislav Brabec: Novell / SUSE packager
  • Michal Hlavinka: Redhat packager
  • Antoine Colombier: trainee

For an up to date list of NUT developers, refer to GitHub.

Retired members

  • Russell Kroll: Founder, and project leader from 1996 to 2005
  • Arjen de Korte: senior lieutenant
  • Peter Selinger: senior lieutenant
  • Carlos Rodrigues: author of the "megatec" drivers, removing the numerous drivers for Megatec / Q1 protocol. These drivers have now been replaced by blazer_ser and blazer_usb
  • Niels Baggesen: ported and heavily extended upscode2 to NUT 2.0 driver model
  • Niklas Edmundsson: has worked on 3-phase support, and upscode2 updates
  • Martin Loyer: has worked a bit on mge-utalk
  • Jonathan Dion: MGE internship (summer 2006), who has worked on configuration
  • Doug Reynolds: has worked on CyberPower support (powerpanel driver)
  • Jon Gough: has worked on porting the megatec driver to USB (megatec_usb)
  • Dominique Lallement: Consultant (chairman of the USB/HID PDC Forum)
  • Julius Malkiewicz: junior developer
  • Tomas Smetana: former Redhat packager (2007-2008)
  • Frederic Bohe: senior developer, Eaton contractor (2009-2013)
  • Emilien Kia: senior developer
  • Václav Krpec: junior developer