H.6. Things the compiler might need to find


If you installed gd in some place where your C preprocessor can’t find the header files, use this switch to add additional -I flags.

--with-gd-libs="-L/foo/bar -labcd -lxyz"

If your copy of gd isn’t linking properly, use this to give the proper -L and -l flags to make it work. See LIBS= in gd’s Makefile.


the --with-gd switches are not necessary if you have gd 2.0.8 or higher installed properly. The gdlib-config script will be detected and used by default in that situation.

--with-ssl-includes, --with-usb-includes, --with-snmp-includes,
--with-neon-includes, --with-libltdl-includes,

If your system doesn’t have pkg-config and support for any of the above libraries isn’t found (but you know it is installed), you must specify the compiler flags that are needed.

--with-ssl-libs, --with-usb-libs, --with-snmp-libs,
--with-neon-libs, --with-libltdl-libs
--with-powerman-libs="-L/foo/bar -labcd -lxyz"

If system doesn’t have pkg-config or it fails to provides hints for some of the settings that are needed to set it up properly and the build in defaults are not right, you can specify the right variables here.