K. Prerequisites for building NUT on different OSes

This chapter aims to list packages with the tools needed on a freshly minimally deployed worker to build as many targets of NUT recipes as possible, mainly the diverse driver and documentation types.

NUT codebase generally should not depend on particular operating system or kernel technology and version, and with the operating systems listed below one can benefit from use of containers (jails, zones) to build and test against numerous OS distributions on one physical or virtual machine, e.g. to cover non-regression with older tool kits while taking advantage of new releases.

Some of the below are alternatives, e.g. compiler toolkits (gcc vs. clang) or SSL implementations (OpenSSL vs Mozilla NSS) — no problem installing both, at a disk space cost.


Some NUT branches may need additional or different software versions that are not yet included into master branch dependencies, e.g. the DMF (Dynamic Mapping Files) sub-project needs LUA 5.1.

More packages and/or system setup may be needed to actually run NUT with all features enabled; chapters below concern just with building it.