Network UPS Tools
Power Devices support

There are various ways to obtain support for NUT.


  • First, be sure to read the FAQ. The most common problems are already addressed there.

  • Else, you can read the NUT User Manual. It also covers many areas about installing, configuring and using NUT. The specific steps on system integration are also discussed.

  • Finally, User manual pages will also complete the User Manual provided information. At least, read the manual page related to your driver(s).

Mailing lists

If you have still not found a solution, you should search the lists before posting a question.

Someone may have already solved the problem:

Finally, you can subscribe to a NUT mailing list to:

Request help

Use the NUT Users mailing list.

In this case, be sure to include the following information:

  • OS name and version,

  • exact NUT version,

  • NUT installation method: package, or a custom build from source tarball or GitHub (which fork, branch, PR),

  • exact device name and related information (manufacturing date, web pointers, …),

  • complete problem description, with any relevant traces, like system log excerpts, and driver debug output. You can obtain the latter using the following command, running as root and after having stopped NUT:

    /path/to/driver -DD -a <upsname>

If you don’t include the above information in your help request, we will not be able to help you!

Post a patch, ask a development question, …

Use the NUT Developers mailing list.

Refer to the NUT Developer Guide for more information, and the chapter on how to submit patches.

Note that the currently preferable way for ultimate submission of improvements is to post a pull request from your GitHub fork of NUT. Benefits of PRs include automated testing and merge-conflict detection and resolution, as well as tracking discussion that is often needed to better understand, integrate or document the patch.

Use the NUT Packagers mailing list.

Refer to the NUT Packager Guide for more information.

IRC (Internet Relay Chat)

Yes, we’re open!

There is an official #nut channel on network.

Feel free to hang out with whoever is on-line at the moment, or watch reports from the NUT CI farm as they come.

Please don’t forget the basics of netiquette, such as that any help is done on a best-effort basis, people have other obligations, and are not always there even if their chat client is, and that respect and politeness are the norm (this includes doing some research before asking, and explaining the context where it is not trivial).

GitHub Issues

See for another venue of asking (and answering) questions, as well as proposing improvements.

To report new Devices Dumps Library entries, posting an issue is okay, but posting a pull request is a lot better — easier for maintainers to review and merge any time. For some more detailed instructions about useful DDL reports, please see NUT DDL page.