Network UPS Tools (as of v2.8.0)
Power Devices support

The primary goal of the Network UPS Tools (NUT) project is to provide support for Power Devices, such as Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Power Distribution Units, Automatic Transfer Switches, Power Supply Units and Solar Controllers. NUT provides a common protocol and set of tools to monitor and manage such devices, and to consistently name equivalent features and data points, across a vast range of vendor-specific protocols and connection media types.

NUT provides many control and monitoring features, with a uniform control and management interface. If you are just getting acquainted with NUT, that page also explains the technical design and some possible set-ups.

More than 170 different manufacturers, and several thousands of models are compatible.

This software is the combined effort of many individuals and companies with free and open source code licensed under the terms of GNU Public License (GPL), see the NUT license text for specific details.

Two NUT websites

The main NUT site should closely follow current development, with documentation most relevant for users who build NUT from source code.

Sub-sites are available for some historic releases for users of NUT packaged with their operating system distributions. Such packages are typically based on official releases of NUT at the time of distribution, and may lag behind current development in terms of features, capabilities, bug-fixes and supported devices.

Some data, such as devices with known support at the time of release, are published to reflect both current development and historic releases; other data such as the NUT DDL or source archives are release-agnostic and only published once and for all.

Two NUT websites

This version of the page reflects NUT release v2.8.0 with codebase commited ff16dabca at 2022-04-04T11:04:28+00:00

Options, features and capabilities in current development (and future releases) are detailed on the main site and may differ from ones described here.